Date of birth: January 10th 1978
Contact: e-mail:


BA in Arts and Philosophy:
University of Stirling, Scotland, UK (1995-1999)
International T.E.F.L. Certificate (100 hour course)
International T.E.F.L. College of Ireland, Dublin 2, Ireland.
Cambridge CELTA Certificate
University of Glasgow. Scotland, U.K. (Jan 2014 - March 2014)
TESOL Training Scotland (completed June 2017)


I am a 40 year old native English speaker with a degree from a Scottish University, an International TEFL qualification, a Cambridge CELTA certificate and a Dip TESOL. Since 2013 I have held a full time ESOL Lecturer position at Glasgow Clyde College. For the last 2 years, I have been employed as an SQA ESOL examiner at national 5 level, for Reading, listening and writing, taking part in both emarking and central marking.

Between 2003 and 2013, I worked and travelled extensively in South and Central America. I have wide and varied experience of teaching English, having held senior posts of responsibility in Language institutes in Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Mexico. I am fluent in Spanish at an operational level. More recently, I have taught in Africa and Japan and the United Kingdom.

In areas where there have been no teaching opportunities, I have worked in a variety of other fields including hospitality, making and designing costume jewelry, bridge construction, landscaping swimming pools, preparation of real estate for sale, setting up exhibitions, building construction and painting. I have also managed restaurants and have run my own small beach cafe business. I feel that both the travel and the diversity of employment experience have been of great personal benefit and have given me an opportunity to develop a wide range of interpersonal and practical skills, which I have been able to use in teaching situations

I enjoy yoga, keeping fit and I am also a fully licensed SCUBA diver. I also enjoy travelling, meeting new people, photography, reading, cycling and playing sports.

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